Working Group for Trichinellosis - A Way of Systematic Prevention, Control and Eradication of Trichinellosis in the Republic of Croatia

Davor Balić, Albert Marinculić, Kata Krešić, Josip Barić, Marin Periškić, Mario Škrivanko, Zlatko Kovač, Marko Krznarić


At the end of the last century, human trichinellosis was an important public health problem in the eastern parts of Croatia. Moreover, the majority of clinically infected people were registered in Vukovar-SrijemCounty (up to 60% of all human cases registered in Croatia). Also, 95% of all Trichinella positive swine carcasses originated from Vukovar-SrijemCounty. Beside the health threat, trichinellosis implied not only notable economic expenses but also threatened to endanger traditional way of life and eating habits. In order to reduce all negative consequences of the disease, a multidisciplinary Working group for trichinellosis was founded. The group consisted of scientists and experts from different fields of work, who helped and significantly contributed to minimizing the threats of trichinellosis as well as to maintaining and preserving the method of traditional processing and consumption of swine meat. The members, the methods and the results of the Working group activities will be discussed in this paper. 


Trichinella, control, eradication, prevention, Croatia

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