Roman Military Medicine and Croatian Archaeological Perspectives

Marijan Cesarik, Nikola Cesarik, Darko Duplančić, David Štrmelj


This article offers a general examination of the sources responsible for understanding Roman military medicine, starting with literal and epigraphical sources all the way to archaeological remains consisting of hospitals, the infrastructure of military garrisons and small medical tools. Given that not one of the literary sources does not directly mention the medical personnel within the various military units, epigraphical discoveries widely represent the main source of our knowledge on the subject. On the other hand, the archaeological exploration of military garrisons offers proof of the medical care of Roman soldiers. If at first it appears that Roman military medicine is perfectly obvious and clear, actually this is not the case as many questions remain to be answered and debated. In all this, Croatia has its own archaeological perspective, where notably, one site stands out, which could hold a key role according to the layout of buildings within the garrison including its hospital.


Roman Military Medicine, epigraphy, archaeology, Roman military camps, Burnum

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