Social Pysique Anxiety Among Bodybuilders

Anita Lauri Korajlija, Divna Blažev, Mirta Blažev, Veronika Blažev


The aim of the study was to determine whether there is a diffrence in social physique anxiety (SPA) in relation to gender, gravity of exercise, main goal of exercise and their interaction.

A sample of 345 male and female gym exercisers completed Social phisique anxiety inventory (SPAS) and anwsered questions about their exercise habits. Data was collected through online survey formed on Survey Monkey which was forwarded to participants through social networks and forums related to exercise.

The results of this study indicate that higher level of both SPAS dimensions (Dissatisfaction with appearance and Worry about appearance) was reported by recreational athletes (compared to more serious recreational athletes and competitive athletes) and participants whose main goal of exercise is improving health (compared to participants whose main goal of exercise is developing muscle mass or increasing endurance and strenght), while in Worry about appearance dimension, females show higher scores. 


physical appearance, dissatisfaction with appearance, worry about appearance, gym, exercise

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