Spol and Rod from a Diachronic and Synchronic Perspective - Analysis of Croatian, Croatian Church Slavonic and English

Ana Mihaljević, Milica Mihaljević


The paper presents the diachronic and synchronic analysis of the use of Croatian words spol and rod and their Croa[1]tian Church Slavonic (polь, spolь, and rodь) and English (sex and gender) equivalents. The starting points for diachron[1]ic analysis are dictionaries and dictionary data, while the synchronic analysis is additionally based on the corpora and the Internet. The paper focuses on dictionary definitions of nouns rod and spol, adjectives rodni and spolni, the relation of Croatian terms rod and spol with English terms gender and sex, the terminology of sex/gender (non)discrimination, and ways of speaking about persons of non-binary gender.



sex, gender, lexicography, historical lexicography, Croatian, Croatian Church Slavonic

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