Issues in Treating Determinologized L Lexemes in the eSSKJ General Explanatory Dictionary of Slovenian

Nina Ledinek, Mija Michelizza


This paper presents the treatment of determinologized lexemes in the most recent growing monolingual general explanatory dictionary for Slovenian—Slovar slovenskega knjižnega jezika, 3. izdaja (Dictionary of the Slovenian Standard Language, 3rd Edition), or eSSKJ—while also drawing attention to conceptual differences in the understanding of the status of this vocabulary compared to previous editions of the dictionary (SSKJ and SSKJ2) and according to the treatment of terminology in the terminological dictionaries of the ZRC SAZU Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language. It focuses on specific lexicographic issues that arise due to determinologization when dealing with this relatively extensive and hybrid segment of vocabulary in eSSKJ, addressing it from two points of view. It draws attention to the issues that editors face due to lexicographic requirements. At the same time, it presents issues and reservations external terminology consultants have as experts in individual subject fields when reviewing dictionary entries for determinologized vocabulary. Due to the specific nature of the work, both types of issues sometimes overlap.



lexicography; general monolingual explanatory dictionary; determinologization; terminology; dictionary editing

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