Challenges of Croatian Linguistic T Terminology – A Case Study of Onomastics

Milica Mihaljević, Domagoj Vidović


The first part of the paper gives an overview of the Croatian Linguistic Terminology – Jena project stating its goals and achievements. The project is now (March 2023) in its last year. In the second part of the paper, plans and challenges of the project are discussed. Special attention is paid to the relation of linguistic terminology to anthropological anthropolinguistic) terminology and the Jena project to the ANTRONA project, the first humanities and social sciences terminology project in the Struna program. The central part of the paper focuses on some of the most important issues and challenges (supported by examples) connected with the translation of Croatian onomastic terminology into English and vice versa.



anthropology; anthropolinguistics; linguistic terminology; terminology; onomastics

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