The Terms We S Share or Don’t Want to Share – On Multiple Entries in STRUNA

Bruno Nahod, Perina Vukša


Through the decades of working on processing Croatian terminology in STRUNA we have identified two problems that can generate an extremely confusing situation for the end-user. On the one hand, we have homonyms, where the same term is used to indicate multiple concepts. This problem was anticipated since it is well-known that certain terms can have different or slightly different meanings in various fields of knowledge or even in the same field. We handle the homonyms by allowing multiple entries in STRUNA. On the other hand, fairly often, we come upon the case where a new entry was introduced into STRUNA even though the term with a semantically identical definition already existed. In anticipation of this problem, we have, from the very beginning of STRUNA, implemented the option of accepting the existing terminological entry and associating it with the ongoing project. Unfortunately, for various reasons, editors rarely use this feature. Therefore, this issue will have to be addressed in the future. In this paper, we will present these problems experienced by the end-user of STRUNA and suggest possible solutions implemented in a certain project (field) and/or interfiled solutions.



terminology management; Croatian terminology; end-user satisfaction

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