The Process of Creating a C Croatian Gamification Glossary

Josip Mihaljević



The paper analyses the process of creating a Croatian gamification glossary. Gamification is a relatively new term, and many papers about its implementation and effects are written yearly. Gamification is closely linked to video games, from which it borrows many elements. The evolution of video games as a medium leads to the development of gamification as a process. New terms denoting gamification elements and game types constantly appear. Most of these new terms are not yet defined in lexicographic sources, and some are not translated into other languages, including Croatian. That was the motivation for the creation of the Croatian gamification glossary. It records existing terms and definitions and translates and defines new terms. Creating a glossary is broken down into steps that explain how terms have been selected, categorized, translated, and defined using reliable sources and the corpus created by the author, and how the Glossary is published online. The process of creating the gamification corpus and translating terms is explained in detail. The difficult-to-translate terms and definitions are extracted and highlighted for future research.



Key words: corpus; gamification; glossary creation; term translation; video game terms

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