Runners as Sport Tourists: The Experience and Travel Behaviours of Ljubljana Marathon Participants

Samo Rauter, Mojca Doupona Topič


The study analysed the experiences of participants on mass sport events, and explained the influence of such sport events on the lifestyle of runners. The study sample consisted of 664 participants of the 15th Ljubljana Marathon. The TRPS questionnaire was adjusted to establish the tourist roles. The role of sport tourists was assumed by 29.8 % of all participants. Sport tourists who take various trips mainly for sport purposes (66.7 %) participate more often in mass sport events at home and abroad and are more physically active in their leisure time. Moreover, 13 in-depth interviews were conducted with selected marathon participants. It was established that different travel behaviour and experiences from earlier sport events have influenced on their lifestyles.


mass sport events, travel behaviour, sport tourism, marathon

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