A Case of Extensive Inflammatory Changes (Osteomyelitis) in an Infant’s Skeleton from the Medieval Burial Ground (11th–12th c) n Wawrzeńczyce (Near Krakow)

Małgorzata Kolodziej, Elżbieta Haduch, Arkadiusz Wrebiak, Anita Szczepanek, Beata Podsiadlo-Kleinrok, Anna Mazur, Krzysztof Mazur


The aim of this study was to diagnose and describe extensive inflamatory changes in a child's skeleton from medieval period (Poland). The aim of the analysis was to determine the nature of the inflammatory changes and their aetiology by means of macroscopic techniques as well X-ray analysis. The tests revealed that the individual suffered from a haematogenous multifocal osteitis. This condition might have been a result of an acute or sub-acute osteitis and the untreated from of osteomyelitis might have contributed to the infection of the entire developing organism, leading to death.


bone infections, osteomyelitis, Polish medieval population, enamel hypoplasia

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