Energy Security and Renewable Sources of Energy

Sanja Kalambura, Nives Jovičić, Vedrana Čemerin, Martina Mihalinčić


Energy supply is of vital significance for the functioning of the society and represents an important element both of the national and of the international security. The security of energy supply and the protection of energy infrastructure are part of the security concept of the overall critical infrastructure and represent one of crucial preconditions for the development of any community. Energy security is threatened due to the fact that the world reserves of oil and natural gas are unequally distributed, and insecure transport via third countries additionally threatens the security of energy supply. The issue, not only of security but also of the possibility of energy supply lies certainly also in the limited non-renewable sources of energy. The paper will, therefore, consider the possibilities of continuous energy supply in the form of the development of renewable sources of energy.


energy security, critical infrastructure, renewable sources of energy

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