Should MS be treated by escalation or induction therapy?

Ines Lazibat, Branimir Nevajda, Gordan Grahovac, Vesna V Brinar



MS is a chronic, increasingly disabling disease whose long-term outcomes determine the key social, medical and economic impact of this disease. Disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) for multiple sclerosis (MS) are prescribed to delay disease progression and to protect a patient’s functional capability. The concepts of escalation and induction immunotherapy in MS represent  different therapeutic strategies for the treatment of MS. Both strategies may be valuable options for patients starting on DMT, however, induction therapy mainly focuses on patients with very aggressive course of MS from the onset. Using a patient unique approach to selection of treatment, MS can be effectively control disease and may delay or even prevent the development of secondary progressive MS. 


Disease-modifying therapy, multiple sclerosis, escalation therapy, induction therapy

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