Vol 41, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents

Original scientific papers

Changes in Total Number of Births and Birth Size during the 1995-2013: The Reflection of Socio-Economic Fluctuations in Lithuania? PDF
Janina Tutkuviene 97-107
The Percentile Growth Curve of Live-Born Infants During 1997 and 2007 from the Tuzla Canton (BiH) PDF
Amela Begić 109-123
A CT-study of the Cranial Suture Morphology and its Reorganization during the Obliteration PDF
Silviya Nikolova 125-131
The Concentration High-Density Lipoprotein in the Menopausal Transition PDF
Lejla Lejla Mešalić 133-137
Isolation by Distance Between Spouses and its Effect on Boys’ Maturational Timing Untitled PDF
Slawomir Koziel
The assessment of the female student physique in accordance with Heath-Carter method PDF
Jerzy Eksterowicz, Marek Napierała, Walery Zukow
Dynamics of Distribution of the Body Mass Index of Schoolchildren in the Republic of Belarus PDF
Volha Vladimirovna Marfina
Numbers, Geometry, and Mathematical Axioms: The Problem of Metaphysics in the »Critique of Pure Reason« PDF
Kazuhiko Yamamoto
Automatic Plant Watering System via Soil Moisture Sensing by means of Suitable Electronics and its Applications for Anthropological and Medical Purposes PDF
Nermin Đuzić

Case reports

Earth Resistance Tomography for Detecting Previous Excavation Trenches in Cave and Rock Shelter Sites in the Lim Channel, Croatia PDF
Rory Becker, Ivor Janković, Darko Komšo, James C. M. Ahern, Katarina Gerometta, Jacobo Weinstock


Apples and their products effect on neurodegeneration and Alzheimer's disease PDF
Dora Babic

ISSN: 1848-9486