Vol 45, No 3 (2021)

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Original scientific papers

The Quality of Practical Pedagogical Training During the Epidemic Through the Eyes of the Slovenian Physical Education Student Teachers PDF
Neja Markelj, Žan Luca Potočnik, Gregor Jurak, Marjeta Kovač 179-189
Teachers’ Perceived Barriers to Implementation of Physical Education: Examining the Administration of Physical Education Programme and the Provision of Non-human Resources PDF
Eng Hoe Wee, Wei Fong Cheng, Ngien Siong Chin 191-200
Trainee Teachers’ Situational Motivation and Motivational Climate towards Physical Education Lessons during COVID-19 Pandemic PDF
Ngien Siong Chin, Boon Sian Teo, Eng Hoe Wee 201-207
Different Perception of Health Status and Importance of Physical Activity among Croatian, Slovak and Czech Youth PDF
Jiri Malis, Jana Vašíčková, Branislav Antala, Iveta Cihová, Dario Novak 209-214
The Self-Perceived Subject-Specific Professional Competencies of Slovenian Physical Education Teachers in Different Working Environments PDF
Marjeta Kovač, Bojan Leskošek, Gregor Jurak, Miloš Tul 215-223
Fitness, PA, Perceived Competence, Parental Support, and Literacy Outcomes in the REACH After-School Sports Program PDF
Risto Marttinen, Kelsey L. McAlister, Samantha T. Ives, Silvia Battistella, Ray N. Fredrick III, Kelly Johnston, Kathleen S. Wilson 225-234
Physically Active Breaks in the Teaching Process: Impact on the Pupils’ Educational Achievements PDF PDF
Ivan Holik, Matea Kitak, Vilko Petrić, Petra Pejić Papak, Vesna Štemberger 235-242
Attitudes of Wannabe Kinesiology Students about School Subjects, School in General and Extracurricular Learning PDF
Saša Milovuković, Hrvoje Sivrić 243-251
Longitudinal Analysis of Basic Motor and Functional Abilities of Elementary School Pupils PDF
Ante Burger, Endica Radić Hozo, Vladimir Pavlinović, Nikola Foretić 253-259
Are We Doing the Right Thing? Motor Assessment in Adapted Physical Education PDF
Tatjana Trošt Bobić, Goran Bobić, Andrea Mohorović, Dario Novak 261-271


The Evolution of China’s Sporting Diplomacy since 1949: The History, Experience and Promotion Strategies PDF
Yalun An, Xueshuang Wang, Fujun Xiang 271-283

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