Specifics of sex life and methods of birth control among students at the University of Osijek

Zvonimir Bosnic, Domagoj Vucic, Antonio Lozic, Mile Volaric, Ljiljana Trtica Majnaric


The aim of this study is to define specifics of sex life and methods of birth control among students at University of Osijek. Participants were students who study at Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek. A newly formed questionnaire containing 31 question was used to for this purpose. The study included 549 voluntairly students, 54,3% of students had first sexual experience between 16 and 18 of age. Most of them were long- term couples, who are managing better with sexual activities then students in short term relationships, who are more stressed because of their studies. When it comes to the type of contraceptives, 71, 9 % of students used some of birth control methods, and  most common is condom (75,9 %). However, 27, 9 % of students believe that natural methods of birth are safe enough. There are no significant differences in age at the time of first sexual activity considering gender, year at university and residency.  The biggest reason for not using contraception is  long-term relationship in which students do not feel fear of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

DOI: 10.5671/ca.45.2.10


Contraception, Students, Condoms, Education, Teen Pregnancies

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