Additive Manufacturing of Medical Models - Applications in Rhinology

Pero Raos, Ivica Klapan, Tomislav Galeta


In the paper we are introducing guidelines and suggestions for use of 3D image processing SW in head pathology diagnostic and procedures for obtaining physical medical model by additive manufacturing/rapid prototyping techniques, bearing in mind the improvement of surgery performance, its maximum security and faster postoperative recovery of patients. This approach has been verified in two case reports. In the treatment we used intelligent classifier-schemes for abnormal patterns using computer-based system for 3D-virtual and endoscopic assistance in rhinology, with appropriate visualization of anatomy and pathology within the nose, paranasal sinuses, and scull base area.


virtual reality, virtual endoscopy, additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping, medical models, medical imaging, 3D imaging, rhinology, paranasal sinuses, engineering

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