Vol 47, No 1 (2023)

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Original scientific papers

Research on Negative Life Events Among Tennis Players of Differing Success Levels: The Participants’ Perspectives PDF
Mario Oršolić, Petar Barbaros, Dario Novak 1-10
Full-Body Circuit Training Improves Body Composition and Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Overweight Sedentary Adults – A Randomized Controlled Trial PDF
Vincenzo Rago, Magni Mohr 11-18
Physical Activity as a Social Right Within the Leisure and Health Sectors in Brazil PDF
Marcos Goncalves Maciel, Ricardo Ricci Uvinha 19-29
The Use of Recovery Methods in Professional and Recreational Tennis Players PDF
Velibor Viboh, Iva Sklempe Kokić, Dario Novak 31-37
Exercising in India: An Exploratory Analysis Using The Time Use Survey, 2019 PDF
Mudit Kapoor, Shamika Ravi, Rockli Kim, Subi V. Subramanian 39-48
Correlation Between Different Domains of Social Capital and Psychological Distress Among Chinese High School Students PDF
Xueshuang Wang, Filip Svalina, Brigita Mieziene 49-54
How Does Status of Longitudinal Arch of Feet Affect Sports Performances in Basketball Players in Iceland? PDF
Thordis Gisladottir, Jorgelina Ramos, Miloš Petrović 55-59
The Association Between Morphology, Speed, Power and Agility in Young Tennis Players PDF
Filip Sinković, Dario Novak, Nikola Foretić 61-65


Core Stability and Strength Assessment for Performance and Health PDF
Erika Zemková 67-73
The Role of Implementation Leadership in Driving Organizational Innovation – Revisiting a Classic PDF
Thomas Skovgaard, Jonas Vestergaard Nielsen 75-80


International Symposium on Art and Science in Life Potential Development PDF
Miroslav Prstačić 81-83

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